Best Small Places Around Kingston for Raising Kids

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Are you looking for a perfect small town around Kingston to move to with your family? You are not alone. In recent years many families have been choosing to leave big cities and relocate to small towns. Living in a big city can be busy with a fast-paced lifestyle that doesn’t appeal to a lot of people after they get children. Parents are wanting to find peaceful sanctuaries to raise their kids safely. The area around Kingston has therefore been becoming a popular option, predominantly because of all the nature surrounding it, and the safety of these small towns. If you’re trying to choose one of the best small places around Kingston for raising kids, here are some of the most loved towns recommended by Professional Movers Canada experienced in the area.

Mallorytown ON

Mallorytown is the largest settlement area in the Township of Front of Yonge near Kingston. The township is located in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, and the current population is 2,595 according to the 2021 Census of Population. The township is known for its beautiful waterfronts and the 1000 Islands Parkways. With the Village of Mallorytown being the primary hub, most people who are interested in moving to the Front of Yonge choose this beautiful village as their home.

A green space with a small river and a brick bridge over it
The nature of Mallorytown is one of its biggest benefits.

Why Mallorytown ON is one of the best small places around Kingston for raising kids

Mallorytown is a small village surrounded by breathtaking nature that offers quiet and peaceful life to its residents. It is a popular choice for families with kids, as well as retirees. What makes Mallorytown a great place for raising kids is the safety and the friendly community. It offers rural living while still being close to larger cities. This village hosts fun events throughout the year that are great for bonding and creating a tight-knit community. Some of the most loved activities that experienced moving companies Mallorytown ON recommend include hiking on the Jones Creek Trails and visiting the Farmer’s market. Mallorytown also has the beach at Brown’s Bay where locals enjoy boating and fishing during warmer months. All in all, it is a village that encourages its residents to be active and spend as much time outdoors.

The Front of Yonge Elementary School is located in Mallorytown. It teaches kids from kindergarten to 6th grade. There are local programs for kids, as well as summer events. The village has a big library with over 14,000 items. Additionally, the Township Office supports small business owners who are looking to start or grow their business in the area. They also offer help in finding the best properties for commercial use. Overall, Mallorytown has low living costs, along with the average income being higher than the national average. If you take into account the absolute safety, and extremely low crime rates, Mallorytown can be a perfect place to settle for families with kids. If you choose to move here, local movers Kingston residents trust can help you relocate effortlessly.

Prescott ON

Prescott is a wonderful small town located in Ottawa Valley in Eastern Ontario. It is a historically significant town, home to Fort Wellington. Not only is Prescott small in size, but it also has only 4,600 residents. This vibrant town is a tourist hot spot due to its proximity to Ottawa as well as its beautiful natural surroundings and rich history. A welcoming community composed of mostly families with kids and the elderly makes this rural town a safe and comfortable environment for raising kids.

A village with houses on a field
Prescott is a vibrant rural town perfect for anyone looking to escape the city lifestyle.

Living in Prescott ON

If you’re considering a move to Prescott, here’s why it might be one of the best small places around Kingston for raising kids according to Kingston moving services in the area. Prescott is well-loved because of its nature and safety. However, it has a lot more to offer. With a 28% lower cost of living than the province average, Prescott has been attracting young families looking for a quality town to settle in on a budget. The median home price is around $200,000 an astonishing 70% lower than the province average. Healthcare, rent and utilities are all affordable, as well.

According to local Prescott moving companies, the town has a milder climate than the rest of the country. Precisely, winters are shorter and less harsh. This is part of the appeal of Prescott for families with kids who appreciate being able to spend most of their days outdoors. Talking about the outdoors, locals spend a lot of their free time enjoying nature and staying active. The town hosts a lot of festivals and events throughout the year, and although it is a small town, living in Prescott is never dull.

A lot of families choose Prescott because it highly values education. It has some great schools to offer such as:

  • South Grenville District High School
  • TR Leger School
  • Wellington ES.

Maitland ON

Another great option, 5km from the city of Brockville is a small community of Maitland. This village is a part of Augusta Township which is located on the Saint Lawrence River. It is connected to neighboring cities which can be vital if you have to commute to work. While Maitland is a lovely town in many aspects, a lot of residents do commute to neighboring cities for jobs. Just like the rest of the small places around Kingston nature is inviting in Maitland, too. It is a great escape from busy everyday life. The small community results in everyone knowing each other, and a lot of familiar faces can be comforting when you’re raising kids around these people.

A man and a woman fishing on a lake in one of the small places around Kingston for raising kids
Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities for locals in Maitland.

Local moving companies Maitland ON has to offer, recommend this town for families who are looking for a peaceful living while being on a tight budget. Maitland is one of the more affordable small places around Kingston for raising kids. The housing is relatively inexpensive, and so are utilities and groceries. Additionally, there are local stores that sell organic food which can be a healthy alternative. Maitland is a religious area with two churches locals visit often. One of the great things about this town is fishing on the Saint Lawrence River, which is one of the popular activities. All in all, embracing nature and rural living is a big part of life in Maitland.

Odessa ON

Odessa is a small secluded town in the Loylist Township. It has an amazing location, only a 20 minutes drive from Kingston, and the U.S. border. This convenient location paired with the nature surrounding the town and the welcoming community has made Odessa one of the best small places around Kingston for raising kids. A lot of families are choosing Odessa because it is an exceptionally safe place, and they feel that it is a great area for their kids to grow up in. Loyalist Township has also been experiencing an increase in job opportunities in recent years, and its economy has been developing. Odessa can be a great location for small businesses as well.

Education is highly valued in Odessa, and most residents have higher-level education. The crime rates are extremely low. The town has fun outdoor activities to offer to its residents. Local moving companies in Odessa recommend visiting the famous Camden Braes Golf and Country Club and playing golf as these courts are great for both beginners and experienced players. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your family you can visit the Parrot’s Bay Conservation Area where you explore the beautiful wildlife.

Brockville ON

This vibrant city is a little bit larger in size and population in comparison to the previously mentioned towns around Kingston. It is located in Easter Ontario, and it is often called the City of the 1000 Islands because it is a part of that region. Brockville has a great community that has been attracting young families with children who enjoy an active lifestyle outdoors. Green spaces are everywhere around the city, but it also has more modern amenities than neighboring towns. Here are some of the benefits of living in Brockville.

A river in a park surrounded by a green space in one of the small places around Kingston
Nature in Brockville is quite inviting to both tourists and locals.

The benefits of moving to Brockville ON

If you move to Brockville, right after one of the professional residential movers Kingston offers has transported your belongings you can go and mingle with the locals. The Brockville community is very accepting towards newcomers and the town has the Brockville Newcomers Club that is supposed to help new residents get to know locals. This practice helps people feel safer around the town once they get to know their neighbors, and it can also be a great way for your kids to meet friends their age.

The city of Brockville has a convenient location, as it is situated next to Highway 401 which goes between Montreal and Toronto. The US border is also close by, connected by two International bridges. With the town being on the St Lawrence River and a part of the 1000 Islands, it has breathtaking scenery as one of its many benefits.

The strong art community is a great addition to the town. The well-known Brockville Arts Center is a hub of many arts of different local and international artists. You can explore amazing art galleries and exhibitions. Residents can also spend their days attending theatre plays or having fun in the Aquatarium. Brockville is a city that frequently hosts family-friendly events that are welcoming to people of all ages. It encourages an active lifestyle through hiking, boating, camping, and plenty of other enjoyable outdoor activities. It is a family-oriented city all around, and therefore one of the best small places around Kingston to raise kids.

Belleville ON

Belleville is not a typical small place compared to the previously mentioned location, as it is spread over 247,21 km2, and it has a population of around 50,000 residents. However, it is worth mentioning as it can be a great option if you’re looking for a place that can offer you a small-town atmosphere and nature, while still being a mid-sized city. Belleville has a great location. It borders the Moira River, the Lake of Ontario, and the Bay of Quinte.

A group of people sitting on the grass
The welcoming community is what makes Belleville one of the best small places around Kingston to raise kids.

Why Belleville might be the right place for you

Let’s start off by mentioning the scenic beauty of Belleville. The Bay of Quinte is exceptionally beautiful, and it is also a source of outside entertainment for locals. A lot of people spend summer days here fishing, boating, or just enjoying the nice view. The weather in Belleville is milder because it is a southern part of the province, and while the winters still get cold and snowy but they last shorter than in other parts of the country. The city also has a vibrant social scene so it can be easy to get to know new people and feel welcome as a newcomer. Belleville is an industrial hub that leads to economy developing. A lot of big companies have been coming to the city. If you’re looking for a job, Belleville has great opportunities and a growing job market.

Kids playing in the park in one of the small places around Kingston for raising kids
Choose some of the best small places around Kingston for raising kids and enjoy

What is the best small town near Kingston for families with children?

Which one of these popular small places around Kingston for raising kids is the best for your family will depend on what you’re looking for. All of these towns can provide you with a safe environment and a lot of wonderful greenery. It comes down to which of the other factors, such as cost of living, job opportunities, and entertainment, are crucial for your needs. The good news is, whichever place you choose you won’t be disappointed. An additional tip is to make sure your research all of the places near Kingston before choosing the right one for you!



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