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Moving a business in Canada requires lots of thinking and planning. Not only do you have to execute the move perfectly, but you also have to choose the right place to move to. You have to choose the right packers and movers in Canada, the perfect time for your move, and the perfect place. Belleville has become a popular place for businesses, but many of you might not know why. Because of that, Professional Movers Canada will explain the benefits of relocating your business to Belleville and how to do it efficiently. We know that relocation may seem overwhelming at first, especially for business owners, but with some tips, you’ll be fine. In this article, we’ll run over some facts about Belleville and its economy and industry, as well as some general moving tips.

Belleville, Ontario: Stats and Numbers

On the eastern shore of Lake Ontario, near the mouth of the Moira River and the Bay of Quinte, sits the city of Belleville. Along the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor, Belleville is located between Ottawa and Toronto. According to the 2016 census, 50,716 people (or 103,472 people) live here. Belleville serves as the county seat of Hastings although it is politically separate from it, and also serves as the regional hub for the Bay of Quinte. Many Kingston moving companies will gladly move your business here, whether you’re moving a small workspace or a huge office. A beneficial geographical location isn’t Belleville’s only strong side, however, for there are more things that can benefit your business.

A business woman thinking of relocating her business to Belleville
Belleville is a good location to move and expand your business to.

Belleville boasts a great quality of life, which attracts many of those seeking jobs. However, even people who live in the proximity of Belleville can easily travel to work using many different routes. To get to Belleville, you can either go by car as the city is connected to Highway 401 or by train as the city is connected by VIA Rail and others. This means that you’ll be able to hire more employees even if they don’t live in the city itself: what would a business be without its employees?

Another nifty benefit of moving your business to Belleville is access to the Work in Belleville resume database. The purpose of this database is to link local employers with potential employees: all it takes is a request, and you will be granted access. If you end up short-staffed after the move, you can hire locals to fill in spots using this helpful feature.

Before relocating your business to Belleville, take a look at which industries thrive here

To say that Belleville is a manufacturing and industrial hub is not an understatement. There is a lot of economic activity in the city, including food processing, manufacturing of plastics, automobile parts, and packaging. Another dominant industry in Belleville is the biotech sector. Many well-known corporations, including Magna, Vantage Foods, Procter & Gamble, and Kellogg Company, maintain factories in Belleville. Of course, there’s also a thriving moving industry in Belleville, which is why you won’t have trouble finding reputable Belleville movers to relocate your office. There are so many companies and businesses in their respective fields of industry that have been operating in Bellville:

People in a business office doing work
Many companies have made a name in Belleville, and your company can join them.
  • Manufacture of goods: Auto systems, Beclawat, Don-Mac Precision, Hanon Systems, GH Manufacturing, Stegg Limited, Ontario Truss and Wall…
  • Food and consumable processing: Sofina Foods, Sprague Foods, Hexo Corporation, Truss Beverages Co…
  • Biotechnology: ProMetic Life Services
  • Mixed services: Mill-Fab (Fabrication, millwright, and trade services)

All in all, whatever it is that your business deals with, there’s a spot for it in Belleville, and there are people who will work with you. In terms of numbers and labor, one of the biggest advantages of doing business in Belleville is the local labor force. The labor force has strong work ethics and good retention rates. Most people are located within a 40–50 km radius of Belleville, so we’re talking about around 210,000 individuals who are ready to work. If you’re looking to expand your business anywhere in Canada, Belleville is the place you’re looking for.

How to Move Your Business to Belleville Safely and Efficiently

Now, no matter the size of your business, you want this big transition to go smoothly and without any mishaps. Moving your business is a delicate process, and while you may be able to do it alone, hiring a moving company may be the safest route you can take. Moving companies have had plenty of experience moving offices and businesses big and small. As such, the right movers can help you seamlessly pack and relocate your equipment, furniture, and documents. A well-executed business move allows you and your employees to get back to work without any delays. Because of that, hiring office movers Kingston residents trust is a great choice for your move to Belleville. However, what other benefits do you get from hiring professional movers?

A mover labeling a box as fragile
Relocating your business to Belleville can be made easy with the help of pro movers.

A professional moving company offers a wide array of services to help you relocate your business. These services range from packing, hauling, and transport, to providing insurance for all of your items. On top of that, professional movers have a license for what they do. Hiring licensed movers further ensure the safety of your items. You can also ask your movers any questions, whether it’s about what you want to move or handling moving day. All in all, when moving a business, hiring a moving company is very likely the best option.

When Relocating Your Business to Belleville, You Need Good Organization

Professional Movers Canada knows that moving a business anywhere can intimidate people, but there’s no need to worry! Now that you’ve found out about the benefits of relocating your business to Belleville, you should feel excited! With our help, your relocation can be smooth sailing: all you have to do is reach out to us. Get a free moving quote, or contact us today to hire our Belleville movers.

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