Are Moving Expenses Tax Deductible in Canada?

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If you are wondering are moving expenses are tax deductible in Canada, the answer is that it depends. There are some criteria for eligibility and not all expenses can be deducted, but some can. And it is a good way to reduce taxable income and maybe even get a tax refund. This is something you should learn more about before you hire Canada movers to take care of your move. And here you can learn what moving expenses are tax deductible in Canada.

The criteria

If you are moving to a new location to work there, or are moving a business somewhere else, then you can deduct the moving costs. But, your new home needs to be at least 40 kilometers closer to the new job or business, and this is an important requirement that you shouldn’t overlook. So make sure to do the research and check the distance. Students are also eligible for a tax deduction, as long as they fill the 40-kilometer requirement. Keep all this in mind when searching for commercial movers Toronto and calculating your moving expenses.

Man using a laptop to research are moving expenses tax deductible in Canada
Take your time to do the research and make sure that you are eligible for tax deduction

There is a lot of moving expenses that are tax deductible in Canada

A lot of services and things are considered moving expenses and are tax deductible. Here are some of them. Temporary living expenses, if you go to a hotel or elsewhere while moving, you can claim up to 15 days of expenses. Flights also count as moving expenses. If you are flying to your new home, or if you are driving, you can use that for deduction too.  Alongside transportation, storage is also tax deductible whether you hire local movers Toronto to help you with the move or rent a truck. So are the costs of maintaining your old house, the cost of getting a new driver’s license, and many other things.

Keep all the receipts

Sometimes a lot of money gets spent on all of the moving expenses, it can add up quickly. Especially if you are using additional services of moving companies GTA, things like storage and packing services for example. And sometimes when people claim big deductions auditors will come to check is everything legitimate. But as long as you have done everything properly you have nothing to worry about. And the audit would be very quick and easy so it wouldn’t waste too much of your time. Just make sure that you have all the:

  • Copies of receipts
  • Confirmation from your employer that you have moved
  • Or confirmation from your school that you have moved
Receipts and documents on a desk
It is important to keep all the receipts because you might need them

Here is how to claim tax-deductible moving expenses in Canada

Claiming moving expenses that are tax deductible in Canada is easy. You need to get and fill out Form T1-M. It is all straightforward and pretty easy to do. You just list all your moving expenses, and that is all there is to it. You don’t have to submit the receipts together with the tax return. But it is important that you keep them safe and that you don’t lose them in case you have to go through an audit.

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