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Deciding where to move can be very tricky and mentally exhausting. If you’re considering moving to Belleville, you’ve picked a great city! Living in Belleville offers plenty of advantages, and moving here with Professional Movers Canada is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Having moving experts help you with your relocation will make the whole process less stressful, and it will be easier to settle into your new home. Before hiring movers, it’s important that you know all the important facts before moving to another city. We’re sharing our top 5 reasons to live in Belleville. Learn everything you need to know about this beautiful city and get ready to move!

Top 5 reasons to live in Belleville

Belleville is an amazing city that has plenty to offer. Residents love living here because it’s less crowded than Toronto and Ottawa, among other things. Some of the main reasons why you should move to Belleville with Kingston moving and storage professionals are:

  • the weather is pleasant
  • best quality healthcare
  • proximity to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal
  • the entertainment is great
  • the job market is supreme

1. The weather in Belleville is not as harsh as in some other parts of Canada

Canada is known for its extremely cold and beautifully snowy winters. Living in Belleville will also give you that white Christmas experience, but you don’t have to worry about a neverending winter with freezing cold days. The city of Belleville is in the southern part of Ontario, meaning the winters are somewhat shorter here. The weather is magnificently scenic and you will get to enjoy the beauty of all four seasons.

blooming tree
The seasons are spectacular in Belleville.

Revel in the vibrant and fiery colors of the fall, pleasantly warm summers, and colorful, blooming springs after moving here with Belleville moving companies. The seasonal climate in the city combined with the picturesque nature surrounding it is one of the best reasons for moving to Belleville.

2. Belleville has top-notch healthcare

One of the best things about living in Belleville is the quality of healthcare that you’ll have access to.  Although moving from Ontario to Quebec also means you will have good-quality healthcare wherever you go, Belleville is special. The medical institutions here are state-of-the-art, and professionals working in Belleville are some of the best in the country. While Canada in general has pretty high-quality healthcare, Belleville is one of the cities where you can get the most diverse and comprehensive services. In addition to Quinte Health Care Belleville General Hospital where you can get access to public medical services, there are also numerous doctors with private practices. In fact, some of Belleville’s residents have had family doctors for generations.

3. You will be close to Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa

One of the main perks of living in Belleville is that it’s close to three major Canadian cities – Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. Belleville is a great option if you’d like to live in a smaller city but work in a big city. While Belleville has an excellent job market, many people commute to work in Toronto or Ottawa. Admittedly, the cost of living in Belleville is higher than the national average, but it’s still more affordable than the two biggest and most populous cities in Canada while being conveniently close to both of them.

business people
One of the main reasons to live in Belleville for business people is the proximity to Toronto and Ottawa.

If you’re planning to find employment here, it’s still an advantage to be so close to big cities. Thanks to Highway 401, your trip to either of these cities will be quick and easy. You can plan a fun day when you want some extra entertainment, or you simply want to switch things up once in a while.

4. The entertainment options are supreme

If you thought that because it’s a smaller city, Belleville might be boring, you’re very wrong. The city of Belleville has amazing entertainment options, there’s something for everyone. You can find plenty of family-friendly activities if you want to enjoy a fun day out with your kids. On the other hand, if you’re a young adult who likes a city with vibrant and exciting nightlife, the city will also not leave you disappointed. You can enjoy numerous restaurants, clubs, bars, and pubs in Belleville.

nightlife is one of the main reasons to live in Belleville
Belleville has a vibrant nightlife.

During winter, you could go ice fishing in the Bay, since it freezes for a short time period each year. If you love tasting premium drinks, Belleville is also home to several wineries, distilleries, and breweries, you will have plenty of great options to explore!

5. The job market is excellent

One of the top reasons to move to Belleville is the steady economy and stable job market. If you’re not keen on commuting to work in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, or any other place in the vicinity, you don’t have to worry. Belleville is an industrial hub and offers plenty of excellent employment opportunities! Numerous world-famous companies have factories in Belleville. Some of the most renowned ones are Magna, Vantage Foods, Procter and Gamble, and Kellogg Company.

Move to Belleville and start enjoying all its charms

If you decided to move to Belleville, one thing’s for sure – you won’t regret it. Despite the somewhat higher cost of living and housing prices than the national average, there are many benefits and reasons to live in Belleville. You will be moving to a city with prime employment opportunities, low crime rates, excellent and diverse entertainment options, and world-class healthcare. Living in Belleville is especially convenient for people who want to live in a small, peaceful city. The additional perk of living here is that you’ll be close to two biggest Canadian cities and the US border! Happy relocation!





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